Benefit from serverless
integration today

Kumologica is the first low-code development solution that run your integration and automation services serverlessly on any cloud.

What is Kumologica?

Kumologica provides drag and drop visual designer and low code approach to ensure the greatest speed and flexibility to support a wide range of integrations compatible with most of the platforms and cloud providers.

Use Cases

API & Microservices

Enable your business to deliver a better customer experience by offering a higher level of personalization, data accuracy and mobility.

Data Integration

Consolidate your data and enable teams across the organization to improve performance measurement, gain deeper insights and actionable intelligence.

Task & Automation

Improve efficiency and reduce cost by automating repetitive and undifferentiated tasks to become a more lean and productive organization.

Develop Locally &
Run Serverlessly Anywhere

Kumologica Designer has been designed to maximize IT productivity. It allows developers to automate business processes, create customer APIs and data integrations using point and click and not coding. Using fields and choices, teams can customize their deployments and generate automatically Serverless or AWS CloudFormation scripts that can integrate with existing CI/CD solutions.

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Why Kumologica?

Connect your data and your customers on-demand.
Stop paying for idle servers and services.

Infrastructure Ready

No need to provision or manage servers. Your kumologica services will automatically scale to support the rate of incoming request.

Cost Efficient

Leverage the subsecond metering of your cloud provider to reduce cost. Pay only for integration services only when they run.

Reduce Vendor Lock-in

Kumologica flows can run on any serverless compute offering, container or VM. Enabling service portability across cloud providers, and reducing risk of vendor lock-in.

Boost Productivity

Leverage a ever growing catalogue of nodes to accelerate your development. All batteries are included: logging, instrumentation, performance tunning, security hardening, deployment scripts,... so no time is wasted in non-core business activities.

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